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Hummingbirds of Quinta Mazatlan

Rufous Hummingbird

Spanish Name: Zumbador Rufo | Scientific Name: Selasphorus rufus

Rufous Hummingbirds are known as some of the feistiest, most aggressive hummingbirds around. They’ll often chase away other hummingbirds that are twice as large. They also have the farthest North breeding range of any hummingbird.


A series of zee and chupity-chup notes.


Quick and agile like all hummingbirds, the Rufous will often use its abilities to chase away other hummingbirds competing for food. It will drink nectar as well as eat small insects taken in flight.


The nest is made out of soft fibers held together with spider web and camouflaged with lichen, bits of bark, or moss. The nest may be reused the following year.


These birds are often seen in open, shrubby areas such as yards, gardens, parks, etc.

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