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•   Wear your face covering in City of McAllen buildings
•   Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
•   Practice social distancing
•   Use preventive measures like not touching your face
•   Stay home if you feel sick and visit another day
Our staff works hard to protect you…
•   Undergoes a health screen per shift
•   Has protective equipment (counter shields, masks & more)
•   Frequently sanitizes the buildings
•   Makes hand sanitizer visible and available
•   Displays best health practice signage as a reminder to all
•   Follows the state phased guidelines for individuals and public gatherings

Featured Artists

Quinta Mazatlan provides the opportunity for vendors to show case their nature related items. The Nature Store is proud to feature the work of local artists!


"Why Don't Woodpeckers Get Headaches?" by Mike O'Connor In 1983, Mike O'Connor opened the Bird Watcher's General Store on Cape Cod, which might well have been the first store devoted solely to birding in the United States. Since that time he has answered thousands of questions about birds. The questions have ranged from inquires about individual species ("Why do people say Blue Jays are nothing but mean bullies?") to what and when to feed birds ("Should I bring my feeders in for the summer?") to the down-and-dirty specifics of backyard birding ("Why are the birds dropping poop in my pool?") Finally, it occurred to O'Connor that if he answered these questions in print, he might be able to live in peace, and he set out to create a compendium of useful information for the backyard birder. Here, then, are the answers to all those questions that have been keeping you up at night such as: What kind of birdseed is the best, How to protect feeders from squirrels, and- of course- why woodpeckers don't, in fact get headaches. ($14.95)

"Grandmother's Hat" by Stacy Hook Quisenberry Sandcastles! Waves? Fun in the Sun! Sandy and her grandmother are enjoying a simple day at the beach until a big gust of wind ruins everything. Or does it? Find out in this endearing story of a girl, her grandmother, and the fun they have together when they use their imaginations. ($3.25)

"Explore Texas A Nature Travel Guide" by Mary O. Parker and Jeff Parker If you are interested in birdwatching, wildlife viewing, or stargazing flowers, geology, or water; nature centers, festivals, or photography, a destination in Texas awaits you.

From the dessert gardens of Big Bend to hawk watching on the Gulf Coast to caving and bat watching in the Hill Country, nature-oriented travel in Texas also includes lesser known getaways.

Explore Texas features descriptions of almost one hundred nature-oriented including information about the best time to visit and why its worth going; location, and other logistics; and a "learn" section on the observations and nature phenomena a visitor might expect to experience.

And many more…stop in and browse the bookstore!


Hand Painted Wooden Magents, Rob Liptak creates hand painted wooden bird magnets. Rob has been craving for nearly thirty years. With a Microbiologist/Science background, his love and respect for nature and small things is evident in the details of his craving.

Hand Painted Wooden Alebrijes, alebrijes are brightly colored, hand carved imaginary creatures that have elements from different animals. These folk art sculptures are made by local artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. You can find these pieces of art throughout our gift store.


Gerald Sneed moved to the Rio Grande Valley after an awarding-winning career in New York as an advertising art director. Mr. Sneed relocated to the area to observe and paint the abundant birds and wildlife available in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. His paintings have been commissioned by, the American Birding Association and International Migratory Bird Day. You can take home nature themed post cards, posters, mugs, and unique t-shirts all located inside our gift store.

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