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We kindly ask you to please
•   Wear your face covering in City of McAllen buildings
•   Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
•   Practice social distancing
•   Use preventive measures like not touching your face
•   Stay home if you feel sick and visit another day
Our staff works hard to protect you…
•   Undergoes a health screen per shift
•   Has protective equipment (counter shields, masks & more)
•   Frequently sanitizes the buildings
•   Makes hand sanitizer visible and available
•   Displays best health practice signage as a reminder to all
•   Follows the state phased guidelines for individuals and public gatherings

Special Souvenirs

Take home a piece of Quinta Mazatlan experience from our Nature Store. You'll find unique gifts, educational toys, art books, mesquite products, pins, and more. Come in and browse our beautiful selection.

McAllen Commemorative Coins

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the City of McAllen city charter, Quinta Mazatlan (the McAllen wing of the World Birding Center) is selling a limited quantity of the 2011 City of McAllen Centennial Coin and the 2011 McAllen City Coin.

The coin were created by coin designer Raul H. Gonzalez and coin artist Jesus Solano, from the Hidalgo Coin Club.

A single City Coin can be purchased in a presentation box for $16.24, and a City Coin encased in a protective plastic cover can be purchased for $9.73.

Video “Backyard Birds of Quinta Mazatlan”

A 24 minute video by professional wildlife photographer and writer Richard Moore. The beautiful video highlights: History of Quinta Mazatlan, Valley Specialty Birds. Hummingbirds, Parrots & Parakeets, Splash of Color in the Summer, Birds of Prey, Tropical Birds, Spring & Fall Migration. ($5.00)

Sketch Book “Views of Quinta Mazatlan”

Learn and take home the history of Quinta Mazatlan with over 100 exquisite drawings from artist Terry Beaman. He illustrates the lives of the previous owners and takes you on a special tour of the historic mansion. The artist features the Spanish-Revival Style Architecture, tropical gardens and animals living at Quinta Mazatlan. ($5.00)

Bird Magnets

Rob Liptak has been carving for nearly thirty years. With a microbiologist/science background, his love and respect for nature and small things is evident in the details of his carvings. He resides in SW, Ohio and works out of the home. ($9.20)

Custom Water Color Print of Quinta Mazatlan

Take home a fond rememberance of your visit to Quinta Mazatlan with this beautiful 8.5" x 11" custom water color print created by artist, Edith Maskey. Only $5.00 each, prints can be framed and mounted on any wall at home or in the office. Edith, and her husband Johnare best known for their bold use of light and color in depicting the landscape,people and architecture Texas, Mexico and the South West.We are thrilled that the unique beauty of the historic home has been captured on canvas and can be share with all -thank you John and Edith Maskey!

Postcards & Note Cards… our custom cards will allow you to share your experience with family and friends.

Embroidered Patch…featuring the adobe home and the beautiful Green Jay. Bring your group on a field trip and award each with a special patch! ($3.00 includes tax).

Quinta Mazatlan Pin….featuring our City of McAllen Bird, the tropical colored Green Jay. ($4.00 includes tax).

Quinta Mugs... your coffee will look great in our one of a kind mugs ($16.24).

PLUS…custom t-shirts, book markers and more!

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