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6th, 7th, & 8th


(Customized for different age groups)

TEKS: Science - K.2 A-E, 1.2 A-B, 1.9 A-B, 2.3 A-C, 3.8 A-D, 3.9 A-B, 4.5 A-B, 4.8 A-B, 5.9 A-C, 5.10 A-B


This program provides students with an overview of Texas endangered species. Animals featured are the Ocelot, Texas Tortoise, and Mexican Free-tailed Bat. While outdoors, students will tour the grounds observing the diverse wildlife living in the urban forest and assess how the elements of nature are vital for survival. Students will use role play to help understand management protection plans that help animals survive.

Program Highlights

  • Students will distinguish between species that are abundant, threatened, endangered, and extinct
  • Students will describe the causes and effects that lead a species to move from being abundant to becoming extinct
  • Students will explore ways in which we can help reduce the negative factors that can lead to extinction

Extra Cool Stuff

  • Binoculars and field journals
  • Searching for protected and threatened species
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